web server hosting + security tools

python script that let you create  and mange your web server and protect from dos attack

all the server pages must be under the directory of where you runed 

the script

work batter on linux

need multi tasks system

the first field that you should  write into is the name of the  main page of the web site

and the port building  may be 80 or 443  because that a web server ports 

the head file is a file that send when the browser ask for haed request instead

of write <haed>and what ever you want </haed> 

you write all this in difference


good for hosting

if i will see that a lot off people liked it i will create gui version

and more features

the recv is actually the max  size of the massage that will send to the server

More information


web doss difender (1).py 5 kB
Jun 07, 2017
dos attack exmple.py 254 bytes
Jun 07, 2017

Get web server ++ (include web application fire wall )

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